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B&B: Bermuda Horseshoe Bay Beach Foot Scrub - Hand Made (Bermuda) Ltd

B&B: Bermuda Horseshoe Bay Beach Foot Scrub

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We use Pink Sand from the famous Horseshoe Bay Beach as an exfoliant in our Foot Scrub. The scrub also contains Sea Salt, Coconut Oil and Vitamin E.

~ I was on vacation in Bermuda last month and purchased your Pink Sand Foot Scrub at the Dockyard. Now I am a beauty products junkie and I have to tell you this is the best product I have ever used for smoothing my feet. I just love it. It really sloughs off the rough spots and leaves your feet so soft. ~ Caryn

~ I purchased a small jar of your Horseshoe Bay Beach Bermuda Pink Sand Quick Fix Foot Scrub/Exfoliator at the Royal Dockyard Craft Center during my recent visit to Bermuda, and my husband and I love your product. I would like to order more for ourselves and for friends who have heard me describe how great your product works. ~ Sandy