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Book: Fish Tales - Hand Made (Bermuda)
Book: Fish Tales - Hand Made (Bermuda)

Book: Fish Tales

Debbie Jones
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North Rock is situated approximately 10 miles north of Bermuda and forms part of the North Shore Coral Reef Reserve. It is the most northerly coral-algal reef in the world. Eddies from the warm Gulf Stream provide a Caribbean coral reef environment such as is home to Sam and Freddie.

The author and her family have often snorkeled at North Rock, where in parts it is shallow enough to stand. They enjoy meeting the many wrasses, including the slippery dicks and breams who live there.

Halfway between North Rock and the coast of Bermuda is another set of shoals called Three Hill Shoal. This is where Sam and Freddie would have spent the night on their way to their cousin's residence at Tucker's Town Cove.

Illustrated by Jodie Tucker Webster