CD: Live at Docksiders - Hand Made (Bermuda)

CD: Live at Docksiders

Mike Hind
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I've wanted to do a live CD for a while and had planned on doing one on a very small scale... maybe just Ben on an acoustic guitar and Kojo on bass bass and Spencer on cajon. Intimate, rehearsed, organized, with an invited audience, in a theatre.

Then I got to thinking about my friends who I'd want to be there with me and it... well... I went a little crazy.

I rented out the back room of Docksiders, roped Felix Tod and John Waddell into being the amazing fools that they are, set everything up, frantically, the day before, then had an impromptu, "run-through-the-songs-some-of-which-they'd-never-heard-before" rehearsal, then went to it the next day.
I was expecting about 50 people to show up.
There were significantly more! And they hung out and listened and chatted and clapped and had a great time... I've been told.

It was absolutely not the tight, rehearsed, intimate audience I had planned.

And I'm SO happy it isn't! It's loose. There are mistakes. I miss cues.
And I LOVE IT! For me, it feels like I'm watching a band having the BEST time. And that's all I ever want from my music. I want joy. I want laughter. I want to feel.

I think this accomplishes that.

I love you for listening. Thanks!
released April 1, 2019

Mike Hind - Lead Vocals, Ukulele
Kojo Ferguson - Bass, Background Vocals
Ben Payne - Guitar, Background Vocals
Milton Raposo - Keyboards
Oliver Grant - Keyboards
My Suzi - Vocals
Joy T. Barnum - Vocals
Richard Cunningham - Trumpet
Dave Pitman - Sax and Making Everything Better
Spencer Wood - Drums
Tommy Loving - Acoustic Guitar
John Waddell - Saving My Ass

Mixed and Produced by Felix Tod

Cover Art by W. Frith
all rights reserved