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Hand Made (Bermuda) Ltd - Hand Made (Bermuda) Ltd
Hand Made (Bermuda) Ltd - Hand Made (Bermuda) Ltd
Hand Made (Bermuda) Ltd - Hand Made (Bermuda) Ltd
Hand Made (Bermuda) Ltd - Hand Made (Bermuda) Ltd
Hand Made (Bermuda) Ltd - Hand Made (Bermuda) Ltd
Hand Made (Bermuda) Ltd - Hand Made (Bermuda) Ltd
Hand Made (Bermuda) Ltd - Hand Made (Bermuda) Ltd

Tea Towels: (100% Cotton)

Carole Havercroft
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Bermuda's shallow reefs and abundance of sea grass meadows makes it an attractive home to sea turtles.



The current Bermuda flag was adopted in the 1960s. As a British overseas territory, Bermuda's flag features the United Kingdom flag upper left. The green and white badge displays a red lion holding a shield that symbolizes the sinking of the Sea Venture about one mile off the coastline of Bermuda in the summer of 1609.



The White-tailed Tropicbird is almost always known in Bermuda has the ‘Longtail’ because of its distinctive tail feathers. This species is well known and much loved locally.



The Parrotfish is a protected fish in Bermuda. It makes its home in the shallow waters which it helps to keep healthy by eating the algae off of the coral reefs.



Bermuda is split into 9 parishes. Sandy's, Southampton, Warwick, Paget, Pembroke, Devonshire, Smith's, Hamilton and St. George's.



Bermuda is a collection of islands. This map view shows why it has been described to look like a fish hook!



A little different from the usual 12 Days of Christmas .... the Bermuda version includes a Bermuda Longtail, Kiskadee Birds, Whistling Tree Frogs, Hogs, Whales, Bluebirds, Hogfish, Bermuda Sea Turtles, Monarch Butterflies, Lizards, Grunts and Toads!



Carole studied Visual Communications at Goldsmith's College, London University, England.

By trade she is a Graphic Designer and you can see this in her Gryphon Art where she illustrates and creates by hand these beautiful images. Carole’s illustrations are primarily created as digital art, on the computer, originating from photographs.

Her love for animals is a source of inspiration. Pets come into our lives and give us so much love, loyalty, and laughter. This is what Carole tries to portray in her drawings – her aim is to make people smile and/or laugh and remember good times, like our pets like us to do.