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Tiles: Printed - Hand Made (Bermuda)
Tiles: Printed - Hand Made (Bermuda)
Tiles: Printed - Hand Made (Bermuda)
Tiles: Printed - Hand Made (Bermuda)
Tiles: Printed - Hand Made (Bermuda)
Tiles: Printed - Hand Made (Bermuda)
Tiles: Printed - Hand Made (Bermuda)
Tiles: Printed - Hand Made (Bermuda)
Tiles: Printed - Hand Made (Bermuda)
Tiles: Printed - Hand Made (Bermuda)
Tiles: Printed - Hand Made (Bermuda)

Tiles: Printed

Joan Aspinall
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Moongate’s Moons

Bermuda’s national Limestone Moongate is a delightful architectural feature or Oriental origin that was introduced to the island by seafarers who visited China. Associated with legend and magic, it is reputed that honeymooners who walk through a Moongate and make a wish will have happiness forever. This beautiful Moongate is located on Harrington Sound, Flatts.



John Smiths Bay

Sunrise at John Smiths bay, South Shore, Bermuda. Looking down the shore towards Pink Beach and Tuckers Town. Public beach and park famous for its sheltering cave and candy pink Bermuda stone cottage. Childhood home of the artist who lived at the Breakers Club that was once on the property.



Swizzle Inn

Swizzle Inn, Baileys Bay, Bermuda, as renowned as the rum drink of the same name. Favourite stopping off spot for farewell toasts on the way to the airport.



Sunlight on the Rooftops of St. George’s

Like colourful building blocks in a child’s play, the cube houses of St. George’s take on a different look. Bathed in sunlight the white limestone roofs used for collecting rain water sit like top hats on brightly painted buildings, some of which are 4 hundred years old. St. George’s and its surrounding fortifications is now a World Heritage Site.



Horseshoe Bay

Horseshoe bay, South Shore, Warwick, listed as one of the world’s most beautiful top 10 beaches. The crescent shaped pink sand beach and sparkling aquamarine waters is breath-taking at all times of the year. View is taken from top of large rock formation at Western end of beach. Favourite of tourists and locals alike.



Natural Arches

Natural Arches, Tuckers Town. Private beach for Mid-Ocean Club. Landmark arches formed by ocean washing away limestone. Public could only view from top of overlooking cliff. The arches were destroyed by Hurricane Fabian, September 5, 2003.



Somerset Bridge

Somerset Bridge which connects the aqua waters of the Great Sound with Elys Harbour, is the smallest drawbridge in the world. The removable centre can only accommodate the mast of a sailboat as it is guided through the narrow cut by helping hands. Ther western part of the island is abundant with pink Oleander blossoms in the Spring and Summer. All of Joan’s designs contain her symbolic Bermudian Lizard. Can you spot her little lizard called Tarag in this charming Bermuda picture?



Hamilton Harbour and the Great Sound

Hamilton Harbour lies like a little fairyland at the foot of Trimingham Hill. The view is taken from a house called Tara. The island curves around to encompass the Great Sound – Gibbs Hill Lighthouse and the Royal Naval Dockyard are in the distance. Government House overlooks North Shore.



Tobacco Bay, St. George’s

Tobacco Bay, St. George’s one of the most popular snorkelling spots on the East End, ties in with the Gunpowder Plot of 1775 when General George Washington suggested to local sympathisers that he would not inflict a food embargo on the island if they stole gunpowder from the island’s arsenal to assist his fight for American Independence. The gunpowder was stolen and secreted out from Tobacco Bay to a ship bound for Boston in the dead of the night.



St. George’s Harbour

Overlooking historic town of St. George’s c1612, Bermuda. Below is Ordinance Island – replica of Deliverence, which the survivors of the Sea Venture built from Bermuda Cedar as he rescue vessel to take them to Jamestown, Va. Top of the mount is Fort George and St. George’s Club. Norwegian Majesty and Zenith are bathed in brilliant morning sunlight.



Bermudian artist, Joan K. Aspinall, known for her colourful images of our island's flora, fauna and captivating scenery, carries her creativity to a new level in this dynamic, brilliant medium. Exploding with rainbow colours, her images grant viewers a small sampling of Bermuda's magic.

Each easel-backed tile, a reproduction of original art, is artist signed, ready for hanging or shelf display. Treat your tile like a fine art print or painting and do not display in direct sunlight.

Designed and individually hand printed in Bermuda. may Joan's art bring Bermuda's colour and beauty into your life forever.